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We'd like to thank everyone for their contributions! 



We are playing the match of our lives. Although we are not part of the starting line up, we all play an important role in beating the opponent by staying home, staying connected and staying active we are showing our starters that we are in this with them. Our starting lineup is stacked with our superstar front line workers. They are working tirelessly around the clock to keep us safe and to ensure we have access to essential goods to help us overcome our rival, COVID-19. Our opponent is unlike any we ever encountered before. It’s the hardest opponent we ever faced, we know nothing about it, nothing about its tactics, or even what it looks like. We just know we must defeat it.  With a tough defense and a well-built line of attack - we can win! The fans applaud from their front steps and balconies, by posting rainbows in our windows and lighting city monuments and office lights in hearts to show our unwavering gratitude. The game has only just begun, there will be extra time added and maybe even penalties, but the mindset never changes at North York Academy. It does not matter the opponent, facility, surface or conditions - TOGETHER WE FIGHT UNTIL THE END! When the final whistle blows, we will win the match of our lives, TOGETHER.

Our fundraising campaign has come to an end. Your contribution helped us exceed our goal of 5,000 masks. Because of generous donors like you, we reached 5115 masks! The 5000 masks were donated to Baycrest,  Villa Columbo, Sick Kids, Humber and North York General Hospitals.  Thanks to you, our frontline workers can work in safer conditions.


Thank you again for your support and contribution!

Sick Kids Hospital

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-01 at 10.09.48 PM

1,000 masks donated to Sick Kids Hospital

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