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Club Policies

The club and its programs operate within the framework of policies, many of which are derived from Canada Soccer and Ontario Soccer policies and applicable laws and municipal bylaws. Please select an item from the drop-down menu or click on the name of the club policy below.

Code of Conduct to Protect Children

Adheres to Canada Soccer Code of Conduct

Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Anti Doping Policy

Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge

Refund Policy

Collections Policy

Other Policies:

Policy and/or Guidelines for Appropriate/Inappropriate Conduct between Adults/Adolescents and Children: 



1.1 Coaches are often viewed by the Courts to be in a position of trust. Consequently relationships between coaches and athletes under 18 years of age should be avoided.


1.2 Should any registrant of the North York Futebol Club become aware of a sexual relationship between a team official and an athlete under 18 years of age, the local police service or local child welfare agency shall be notified immediately.


1.3 The North York Futebol Club takes the view that intimate sexual relations between team officials and athletes over 18 years of age, while not against the law, can have harmful effects on the individual athlete involved, on other athletes and coaches and on the North York Futebol Club's public image. The North York Futebol Club, therefore, takes the position that such relationships are unadvisable.


1.4 Should a sexual relationship develop between an athlete over 18 years of age and a team official, the North York Futebol Club will investigate and take action which could include reassignment, or if this is not feasible, a request for resignation or dismissal.



2.1 Harassment is defined as a comment, conduct or gesture directed toward an individual or group of individuals which is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, malicious, degrading or offensive. This policy will deal with harassment that fits the definition "to disturb persistently; torment, bother continually; persecute; to trouble by repeated attacks or hostilities".


2.2 Harassment is generally the result of an ongoing pattern of unwanted or unacceptable behavior however it can also result from a single isolated act such as:

• Physical assault

• Sexual touching or sexual assault

• Unwanted comments about a person’s race religion or sexual orientation.


Harassment is defined as any unwelcome advances, for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct when:

• submitting to or rejecting this conduct is used as the basis for making decisions which affect the

individual, or

• such conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual’s performance, or

• Such conduct creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment, or it ought to be reasonably

known to be unwelcome.


2.3 Sexual harassment most commonly occurs in the form of behavior by males towards females; however, sexual harassment can also occur between males, between females, or as a behavior by females toward males.


2.4 For the purposes of this policy, harassment does not include types of misconduct identified in the

Discipline Policies and Procedures section of the Soccer Club of Toronto Published Rules.


2.5 For the purpose of this policy, retaliation against an individual.


• for having filed a complaint under this policy; or

• for having participated in any procedure under this policy; or

• Been associated with a person who filed a complaint or participated in any procedure under this

policy, will be treated as harassment and will not be tolerated.



3.1 Coaches are often viewed by the Courts to be in a position of trust. Consequently relationships between coaches and athletes under 18 years of age should be avoided.


3.2 The staff of the North York Futebol Club are responsible for the implementation of this policy. In addition, they are responsible for:

1. discouraging and preventing harassment within the North York Futebol Club;

2. investigating formal complaints of harassment in a sensitive, responsible and timely manner;

3. imposing appropriate disciplinary or corrective measures when a complaint of harassment has

been substantiated, regardless of the position or authority of the offender;

4. providing advice to persons who experience harassment;

Reporting child abuse and neglect

Club staff including coaches, assistant coaches, and administrators are required by law to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. If you have reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is or may be in need of protection, you must report it to a children's aid society. 


All suspicions of child abuse or neglect must be reported directly to a CAS. CASs have the exclusive mandate, under the Child and Family Services Act, to investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect and to deliver child protection services.

Policy outlining procedure if someone witnesses inappropriate behaviour


North York Futebol Club is a strong supporter of making sport safe for our youth; the Club supports zero tolerance as it relates to all forms of abuse: verbal, physical, emotional, and sexual.  


All relationships within the Club context – whether involving members of the Club staff, coaches/managers, volunteers, players, parents/family members, supporters or referees – must be based on mutual trust and respect. Any act of abuse is a betrayal of that trust.  


The Club will investigate and act upon all complaints or reports of inappropriate behaviour.  


This Zero Tolerance Policy attempts to respect diverse individual and cultural viewpoints while protecting individuals from real or perceived abuse.  

1.      Violations of the Zero Tolerance Policy should be reported immediately to the Club office by the victim(s) and/or by those close to them (a parent, a teammate, a coach etc.).  


2.      A complaint can be communicated verbally, initially, to a Club official or employee but must be followed up in writing (letter and/or email). If the complaint involves physical or sexual abuse, the Club official or employee will contact the police if the individual alleging abuse has not already done so and with the individual’s consent.  


3.      All complaints of abuse will be immediately investigated by the Club.  


4.      All complaints to the Club must be in written form before a complaint is dealt with. However, the Club will immediately report criminal activities to the police (with the consent of the individual alleging abuse) without a written complaint.  


5.      Once a written complaint has been filed with the Club, a Discipline Committee consisting of a least three Board members will discuss the complaint with the individual alleging abuse (note: in the case of sexual abuse, the Club may designate a Club official of the same gender as the individual alleging abuse to contact the victim). (Refer also to Club Discipline Policy)


6.     A Board member assigned to lead the investigation into the complaint will schedule a Discipline Hearing within ten (10) business days of notice in the individual(s) whom the complaints has been filed against. The individual(s) who are named on the complaint shall be contacted by registered mail and requested to appear at the Discipline Hearing.  


7.      In the case of Physical Abuse such as fighting, kicking, etc the Discipline Committee will decide between either a Discipline by Review or Discipline by Hearing process to determine appropriate penalties and/or suspensions.  

8.      Discipline shall be heard by three (3) Board members one of whom is the Discipline Chair. If a certified Chair is not available within the Club the District or OSA will be asked to provide a certified Chair for these purposes.  


9.      The committee shall hold a hearing and invite the individual(s) named on the complaint to be present at the hearing. Only individuals called by the committee shall be allowed to participate in a hearing. The committee shall then deliberate in camera following the meeting with the individual(s) who are named on the complaint.  


10.   The decision shall be communicated to the individual alleging abuse and the individual named in the complaint within ten (10) working day of the Hearing.  


11.   Penalties for contravening the Zero Tolerance Policy can range from a permanent suspension from the Club, suspension for a specified period of time, and a probationary period where the individual is allowed to continue with the Club. All committee decisions are final.  


12.   OSA guidelines for suspensions and penalties may be used as guidance in rendering suspensions for physical abuse issues such as Violent Conduct (fighting, kicking, etc).  


13.   Individual(s) who are charged with a criminal offense involving Club related incidents shall be immediately suspended from the Club pending resolving of the charges. No Discipline Hearing shall take place when an individual is facing criminal charges for Club related incidents. Club members who are convicted of a Criminal Code of Canada offense are subject to suspension or removal.  


14.   Any individual who is convicted of a criminal offense resulting from sexual or physical abuse shall be banned for life from the Club.               

15.   Individual(s) who violate the Zero Tolerance Policy for non-criminal activities may apply for reinstatement to the Club in writing one month prior to the end of a time specified penalty.  


Policy that supports physical and emotional safety and is free of bullying, harassment, and discrimination: 

North York Futebol Club is committed to maintain the highest standard in terms of human rights, safety and a harassment-free environment for its members. The policy shall apply to all staff, coaches, managers, convenors, referees, players and volunteers.


The club will follow the Ontario Soccer policy.


The policy applies to harassment which may occur during the course of all Club business, activities and events between individuals associated with the Club but outside business, activities and events when such harassment adversely affects relationships within the Club’s work and sport environment.


North York Futebol Club will:

Adhere to the Harassment Policy of Ontario Soccer

Regularly review the Club policy to ensure that it meets human rights obligations.

Identify a Club Harassment lead.

Maintain confidentiality of complaints and inquiries.

Recognize the right of any person who experiences harassment to seek assistance from the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Policy on the “Rule of Two”: 

The Rule of Two states that there will always be two screened and NCCP trained or certified coaches with an athlete, especially a minor athlete, when in a potentially vulnerable situation. This means that any one-on-one interaction between a coach and an athlete must take place within earshot and view of the second coach, with the exception of medical emergencies. One of the coaches must also be of the same gender as the athlete. Should there be a circumstance where a second screened and NCCP trained or certified coach is not available, a screened volunteer, parent, or adult can be recruited.


This rule serves to protect minor athletes in potentially vulnerable situations by ensuring that more than one adult is present. Vulnerable situations can include closed doors meetings, travel, and training environments amongst others.

Organizations must create and implement, policies and procedures, in a sustainable, phased and measurable process, that limit the instances where these situations are possible.


Policy of Equity and Inclusion: 

1.   To implement this Policy, the Organization shall establish, evaluate and revise the practices and procedures noted below, as required on 

providing goods and/or services to persons with disabilities, while following these four core principles:  





Equal Opportunity   

Assistive Devices  


2.   The Organization will ensure that staff is trained and familiar with various assistive devices that may be used by customers/members with disabilities while accessing our goods or services. Every employee shall use reasonable efforts to allow persons with disabilities to use their own assistive devices to access goods and/or services.  


3.   The Organization currently provides the following types of assistive devices at our facilities:


Ground level access, wheelchair ramps or elevators at all facilities where general or team meetings are held

Written documents/policies  

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