Refund Policy 


This policy applies to registration fees paid directly to North York Academy either online or in person.


All refund requests must be made by email to the club by emailing a formal request to

Refund requests sent in any other manner will not be processed


All refunds will be subject to an administration fee, which varies by program. 


North York Academy commits to program expenditures once registration numbers are determined. These expenses are not recoverable by the Club if and when a member withdraws. All hard costs incurred for a program are nonrefundable. These include, but are not limited to, uniform and team-specific kit, player registration with leagues (Ontario Soccer, Toronto Soccer Association, etc.) and player books


. ▪ North York Academy shall not be responsible for any monies paid to a team, team coach or team official, and shall not entertain refund requests for any such monies. 

▪ North York Academy shall not be responsible for any monies raised by teams through sponsorship or fundraising efforts, and shall not entertain refund requests for any such monies.

▪ There is no refund for a player suspended or expelled from the Academy or Ontario Soccer for violation of discipline policies or codes of conduct.

 ▪ Subsequent to accepting a place in a grassroots or competitive program through the registration and payment process, there will be no refund at any point thereafter if a player or parent disagrees with the player's coach, team or tier placement

▪ The amount of monies to be refunded is to be determined in accordance with the Club’s Refund Procedure. 

▪ Any outstanding debt owing from the player’s family will be applied against any potential refund

▪ The amount of refund may not exceed the registration fees received.

▪ This refund policy is not intended to be used as a hiatus from the program. A player can withdraw from the program, but they cannot ‘take a break’ with the intention to return to the program. A player who withdraws from a program and then wants to return later in the same season must repay the full refunded amount.


Cancellation of Program or Team


 A paid registration fee shall be fully refunded in the event North York Academy is unable to field a team or provide a suitable program alternative. No administrative fee shall be withheld in this case. 


1. All withdrawals/refunds must be requested via email to info@northyorkfc,com


2. All refunds are subject to an administration fee determined by the owner of the club


 ▪ From registration and prior to the third game of the season, and upon the return of the player’s uniform, a full refund less the administration fee.


 ▪ From the third game onwards, no refunds will be issued except in cases of injury or relocation: A paid registration fee shall be partially refunded (pro-rated) if a player withdraws due to illness or injury within 14 days of occurrence, minus the administrative fee and non recoverable costs. Medical documentation to support the claim must be provided. A paid registration fee shall be partially refunded (pro-rated), minus the administrative fee and non recoverable costs, if a player’s family relocates to another city. Proof of relocation is required.

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