Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge


North York Academy is proud to sign the Responsible Coaching Movement pledge, a program coordinated by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES)


North York Academy has already been in the process of implementing processes, procedures, and policies regarding the responsible coaching movement pledge. 


This includes but not limited to: The Rule of Two, Background Screening and Respect and Ethics Training. 


The academy understands that these items include not only policy but also procedure  and it is very important to review these policies and procedures to improve. The academy will work throughout 2020 to implement these policies and procedures to better protect our players, volunteers, and personnel.


Bryan Cerqueira, owner of North York Academy will be the reviewing person of this policy and procedure and will work to implement this by December. 31st 2020. I, Bryan Cerqueira is the sole owner/operator of the Academy there for I have sole responsibility and control over the operation of the club and I am dedicated to overseeing the creation and implementation of these policies and procedures


If there are any questions on the process or the safety of our membership please forward any questions or concerns to


B. Cerqueira

Bryan Cerqueira

Owner/Operator North York Academy

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