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North York Academy has not been sending out a lot of communication lately because there is still a lot of uncertainty. We are happy to learn that the majority of the boys are meeting up independently, without coaches and parents to stifle their initiative and creativity, playing within groups of 10. This is very important for them socially at this time, and for getting back into "team spirit". We also respect that this is a personal decision and not all families are ready to open up their social circle at this time. 
 We will not be doing any zoom training sessions while the weather is good outside for the players to get together or work on skills independently.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey.


Please see the results below:

 Total responses: 81  
- Participate in a league (TSA or OASL) 23% 
- Play and train within the club with the possibility of friendlies / tournaments if the situation gets better 61% 
- Only have training 9% 
- Other (please specify) 7% 

This what we know for certain thus far:

1) North York Academy completed the Canada Soccer Association return to play application on Friday July 12. We received a "low risk" assessment level. Meaning we have been given a green light to return to play. 

2) Following the Province of Ontario announcement, which stated that beginning on Friday, June 12, outdoor amateur, youth team sports have been cleared to begin phasing-in a plan that will see athletes take the field again and commence training. 

3) As of today (June 22, 2020), the City of Toronto is currently in Phase 1. 

4) Ontario Soccer will allow us to return to play once the City of Toronto is in Phase 2. 

5) North York Academy will begin training in Phase 1 of Ontario Soccer guidelines once the City of Toronto is in Phase 2. (see photo attached) 

6) North York Academy will not participate in any grassroot  or competitive leagues this summer. Ontario Soccer has already canceled League 1 and U21 Ontario Soccer League this summer. We have decided to train as a group, and if the situation gets better we start with internal games and if things get even better we will start friendly matches. 

7) All teams will train at Hudson College located at Dufferin and St Clair (9v9 field) once construction is complete. 

8) North York Academy will follow ALL guidelines suggested from Ontario Soccer and the Canadian Government. 

9) North York Academy will have a designated entrance, a designated exit at the field. We have purchased a touchless thermometer to measure each player's temperature prior to training. We will have hand sanitizer on site for players to use before and after training. 

10) Please see attached the Ontario Soccer Return To Play protocols on 77 page PDF below. 

If you have any questions / concerns  please do not hesitate to contact us through email at 

We have cut the document down into its individual areas that should hopefully allow you to focus on individual parts of the process and not feel quite as overwhelmed as you may feel now. Please see documents below: 

RTP Phases.jpg
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