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North York Academy is excited to return to Oriole Park PS and West Prep this spring. At North York Academy our goal is to provide outstanding programs that are not only engaging and fun, but also inspire young soccer players to develop their skills, problem solve and persevere to overcome challenges. These traits are an asset both on and off he field.

Meet our staff! 

Joao Oliveira 

Coach De Aragao has over fifteen (15) years of international coaching experience, having coached throughout Portugal for internationally renowned clubs FC Porto and SC Braga. He holds a number of degrees, licenses and certificates specific to coaching soccer. Most notably, Mr. De Aragao holds a Master’s degree in Sport and Physical Education (Soccer Specialization) from the University of OPorto and also holds his UEFA B coaching license.

Christos Blanas

Coach Blanas has been part of the North York Academy coaching staff for four years now. Christos passion for the game was the only push needed to make the transition into coaching. Coach Blanas currently holds a Canadian C License. 

Please see below to register.

Oriole Park Registration

Grade 1 to 5 (Monday)

Kinder Kicks (Jr and Sr Kinder Garden) (Tuesday)

West Prep Registration 

Grade 1 - 4 

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