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Competitive Program

North York offers a unique competitive program for young athletes born 2003 to 2007. This program is specifically tailored to talented and hardworking players who want to assert themselves in the soccer world. North York offers visibility, competitiveness and unmatched opportunities to young aspiring players to reach professional status in Canada and abroad.

The training techniques we employ and our development philosophy cultivate a winning mentality in our players and teams. Results are important, but not the only measure of success. Understanding the process, how a win was achieved, why a lose was suffered, how many opportunities were created and successful and how many were lost. Decision-Making, understanding of position and relationship with ball are all essential components of complete development of a player.


The goal is to be increasingly competitive and appealing from the age of 15, which is the age where we are starting to direct our focus on competitive performance. It is necessary to explain well to the player and the family what they will find at NYA. Some of our players such as Ruben De Sa (Vitoria de Guimaraes) and Andy Buzi (Tirana) were all here, training day in and day out. Now they have reached another landing to continue growing in a competitive environment.


From then on, when we explain what they will find and our environment that will help them shape their career, they will have an understanding of what to expect. Fortunately we have had some success in these approaches. Another trend we will start to look closely to is the player profile we are looking for.


The game in recent times, in our understanding, has had some changes. The relationship with the ball, remains the first priority we look at, but data such as the number of duels won and the intensity to which the players are able to repeat the actions make the player's actions more and more important, which is also well reflected in the type of players we have developed.


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