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Player Development Program

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North York Academy is proud to announce our biggest and best PDP program ever!


Our Player Development Program training sessions develop creative, well-rounded athletes that are integral to their team. The focus is on individual technical skills, game strategy, and offensive tactics. Expanding a player’s repertoire in these key aspects of the game allows for greater confidence and quicker decision making when faced with challenges on the pitch. Led by NYA Director of Coaching, Fabio Roque from Sporting Lisbon’s professional Academy in Lisbon, players will train in groups of maximum 6 players per session. Groups will be formed based on enrolment and what the coach feels will be most beneficial to each player.


The week-long camps are scheduled to be held at Hudson College, and led by the technical coaching staff at NYA. 


''Our objective will be to provide moments that allow the player to develop the most varied skills in a more individualized way, also taking the opportunity to be able to do it in a relaxed context,” says Director of Coaching Fabio Roque. 

Join the PDP here. 


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