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We are happy to welcome the North York Athletics department to North York Academy. All of our projects are built with great ambition and with the goal of providing further opportunities to the youth of Toronto. Although there are many benefits of training both soccer and athletics, the goal is for the North York Academy Athletics department to add additional and alternative pathways for existing athletes, but also to invite and inspire new talent to a variety of athletics events both track and field.




Our objective is to promote the sport of Athletics in the province of Ontario and contribute to the health and wellness of all participants through long-term athlete centered development. 


Mission Statement 


North York Academy strives to adhere to the highest standards of Track and Field development through quality and intense training.  Our mission is to develop athletes for provincial and national competition.  As well as providing pathways for education and international competition. Through high quality training from coaches and hard work, drive and dedication from the athletes the possibilities are endless.  


Academy Director, Bryan Cerqueira: 


It is a great joy that NYA has the opportunity to carry out this project. We look forward to developing athletes to compete nationally and internationally. Everything NYA has accomplished is due to our adherence to the four pillars; passion, competence, ambition and drive. This rings true for our new Athletics department. We have great expectations for this to be a pathway for many youth looking to further their dreams, with the ambition that naturally ignites for anyone that wears the NYA uniform.


It is with great pleasure that we welcome Coach Earl Mellis to the NYA Athletics department. Mellis stood tall among an accomplished final group of candidates. His excitement to work with Toronto youth was evident after a few meetings. Coach Mellis understands the role of athletics at North York Academy and is passionate about using the track and field department to develop athletes holistically. His experience, training and knowledge combined with his proven ability to identify talent, develop programs and lead initiatives will help build on NYA's past success and ensure an exciting future for the department."

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