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NYA Player Development

Ontario Player Pathway

Ontario Player Development pathway determines the stages and its sequence to allow soccer players to progress from the Grassroots level to Active for Life or Professional sport. 

  • Active Start (U4-U5) 

  • Fundaments (U6-U9 female; U6-U9 male) 

  • Learn to Train (U9-U12 female; U10-U12 male) 

  • Soccer for Life (U13-U18) 

  • High-Performance/Talented Pathway (U13-U18)

  • Active for Life (U19+)

  • Senior Provincial Leagues (U19+)

    • League 1 Ontario (U19-U23 focus)

    • League 1 Reserve Ontario (U21 focus)

  • Professional Soccer and National Teams


North York Academy Player Pathway

The North York Academy Player Pathway was created to:

  • support the players development within the academy, and 

  • ensure the players’ progression within the development pathway to guarantee future success. 

North York Academy Player Pathway is aligned with the Canada Soccer and Ontario Soccer pathways and provides players with an opportunity to participate in: 

  • Grassroots (Development and Recreational U4-U12), 

  • Soccer for Life (Competitive and Recreational U13-U18), and

  • Senior (U21) streams.


North York Academy Player Profile

North York Academy Player Development and Profile guide was designed to help Players and Parents get familiar with North York Academy Player Profile:

North York Academy Identity


  • North York Academy promotes and encourages a fun, safe, high-quality, and challenging learning environment to support the academy’s players in becoming confident, dynamic, and courageous athletes and people.


  • Provide athletes with development opportunities tailored to their individual needs. 


  • Passion - Praising and celebrating winning mentality, initiative, courage, confidence, and love for sport amongst our members

  • Advancement - Creating a fun and challenging learning environment that facilitates character growth and skills development

  • Quality - Building a strong foundation to ensure the greatest future success

  • Responsibility - Supporting local community and advocating for female leadership

  • Integrity - Always demonstrating honesty and reliability through our words and actions

5 Development Pillars

1. Strong Learning Foundation

2. Self-Discipline and Motivation

3. Teamwork and Strong Sense of Belonging

4. Equity and Inclusive Environment

5. World-Class/Elite Opportunities

Competitive Advantage 

Competitive Advantage.png
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