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NYA Announce Summer Camp Schedule

North York Academy has announced the highly anticipated Player Development Program - Summer Camp schedule. 


The Player Development Program, structured by Director of Coaching, Fabio Roque, will involve ten different training activities spread out over five days of the week. 


The week-long camps are scheduled to be held at the York Lions Stadium at York University, and led by the technical coaching staff at NYA. 


''Our objective will be to provide moments that allow the player to develop the most varied skills in a more individualized way, also taking the opportunity to be able to do it in a relaxed context,” says Director of Coaching Fabio Roque. 


The camps will run for 2003 - 2007 girls and boys from July 17 - July 21, and August 1 - August 4, along with an open-age North York summer combine camp also scheduled from July 24- July 28


Schedules of the summer camps are as follows: 



  • Pass / 1st Touch

  • Scan / Space Control



  • Dribbling / Skill Development

  • Skills Challenge



  • Swimming Pool/ Motor Activities 


  • Defensive Actions

  • Structured Game


  • Shooting

  • World Cup Tournament


All registration details and sign-up information can be found here

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