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NYA Policies & Forms

Club Policies

The club and its programs operate within the framework of policies, many of which are derived from Canada Soccer and Ontario Soccer policies and applicable laws and municipal bylaws. Please click on the name of the club policy below for more information.

Codes of Conduct

Code of Conduct to Protect Children

NYA Code of Conduct and Ethics

NYA Player Code of Conduct

Concussion Code of Conduct for Players

Concussion Code of Conduct for Team Officials


Emergency Action Plan Template

Inappropriate Behavior Report Form

Welcome Policy Application Online form

Game Incident Report Form

NYA Background Check

Consent for Use of Personal Information

Consent for Use of Photographs

Safe Soccer Environment

Anti Doping Policy

Emergency Action Plan

Equity and Inclusion Policy and Procedure

Guidelines of Appropriate and Inappropriate Behavior

Harassment, Anti-Bullying & Zero-Tolerance Policy

Safe Environment and Severe Weather Policy

Responsible Coaching Movement Policy and Procedure

Injury Prevention Toolkit

Healthy Lifestyle Policy

Concussion Toolkit for Coaches and Parents

Electronic Communication and Social Media Policy


Welcome Policy

Recruitment Policy

Registration and Privacy Policy


NYA Session Plan Template

Coach Education and Reimbursement Policy

External Resources - Safety Guidelines

Canada Soccer Guide to Accessibility and Inclusion

Canada Soccer Guide to Safety

Incident Report - Respect in Sport Guidelines for Handling Disclosure of Abuse or Neglect

Ontario Soccer Policies

External Resources - Injury Prevention and Recovery

Parachute Concussion Guide for Coaches

Parachute Concussion Return to Play

Fluids and Foods before, during and after training and competition

FIFA 11+ Warm Up Manual

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